The Census is more than just a population count — it’s an opportunity to shape Hawaiʻi’s future for the better. Do your part to make Hawaiʻi count by spreading the word about the 2020 Census!

Three Steps to Help

Want to show the world that Hawaiʻi Counts? Help your community achieve the best count possible in the Hawaiʻi Census 2020 in just three easy steps! By following our social media accounts, using our badges, and spreading the word, you can help us raise awareness of the importance of completing the Census.

Step 1

Follow @HawaiiCounts

Show everyone that Hawaiʻi Counts by following our social media accounts and sharing our posts.

Follow @HawaiiCounts

Show everyone Hawaii Counts by following our social media counts and helping to spread the word.

Step 2

Use our Frame

Use our frame for Facebook profile pictures to show all of your friends and followers that Hawaiʻi Counts.

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Use our Badge

Download one of our social media badges to show all of your friends that Hawaii Counts.

Step 3

Spread the Word

Tell your friends, family and followers about Hawaiʻi Counts and help us spread the word of the Hawaiʻi Census 2020.

Spread the Word

Tell your friends and family about Hawaii Counts and the Census 2020. Help spread the word and raise our count!


How Organizations Can Help

Local businesses and organizations play a big part in spreading the word about Hawai‘i Counts and the upcoming Census. If you would like to share our message on your website, we have created a website banner that is free to share. Simply download the banner, add it to your website and have the image link to The banner is best suited to be full width on the website.


Hawai‘i Counts Press Release

Looking to share the most current information about the Hawaiʻi Census 2020? Feel free to browse our press release for details, stats, and updates that you can share with your friends and family. Download our press release today!


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