What is the Census?

Once every decade, the federal government conducts a Census of the entire population to count everyone in the United States and record basic information about them. Our nation’s founders believed these data were so important that they mandated the decennial Census in the Constitution.

Quick Facts About the Census

Everyone Counts

The census counts every person living in the U.S. once, only once, and in the right place.

Your Data is Protected

It’s against the law for the Census Bureau to publicly release your responses in any way that could identify you or your household. Your responses cannot be used against you and can only be used to produce statistics.

It’s in the Constitution

The U.S. Constitution mandates that everyone in the country be counted every 10 years.

Your Civic Duty

Completing the census is mandatory. It’s a way to actively participate in our democracy and say, “I count!”

How Census Data is Being Used All Around You

Residents use the census to support community initiatives involving legislation, quality of life, and consumer advocacy.

Businesses use census data to decide where to locate offices and stores, all of which create jobs.

Local governments use the census for public safety and emergency preparedness.

Real estate developers use the census to build new homes and revitalize older neighborhoods.

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